Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 32

Towards the end of the game, you have to call people on ham radio. They give you cues, for the clock puzzle. It turns out that you can enter the first three cues, without making any calls. Great! But the fourth cue double-checks to make sure you did all the ham radio calls. You can enter the correct answer, but the game won't accept it, if you haven't made calls. Shoot. And here I was getting excited about the possibility of skipping the ham radio conversations.

The timing on the conversations is a little odd. You have to call three people. With the first person you call, you can ask them a question after getting the cue. With the second and third person you call, the person ends the conversation before Nancy can ask a question. Here's the timing.

Flute Conversation 1: 1:40
Flute Conversation 2: 1:41
Flute No Conversation: 1:03
Thisby Conversation 1: 2:11
Thisby Conversation 2: 1:55
Thisby No Conversation: 1:39
Pyramus Conversation 1: 2:16
Pyramus Conversation 2: 2:13
Pyramus No Conversation: 1:44

Let's see how the math plays out.

Flute Conversation 1 + other no conversations: 5:03
Thisby Conversation 2 + other no conversations: 4:42
Pyramus Conversation 2 + other no conversations: 4:55

Oh, good, there's one option which is clearly faster than the others! I rounded the times to the second, earlier. If things had been closer, I would have to be more specific.

I suppose I should be thorough and check every single combination of cues. Like, what if the game only checks to make sure you've got the cues for Flute and Gloria? That'd be weird, but possible. But checking all the combinations would take such a long time...

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