Monday, June 26, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 30

The second conversation with Topham is easy to navigate. He asks if you've solved his logic problem. It's faster to say "right here!". Then you ask about Marcel twice--it's always the third conversation topic--so you can get the key from Emily.

Then you ask about the quartz, which is the third topic. You get to make three choices here, but Topham has the same response, no matter what options you pick. So once again, the fastest way through the conversation is to pick the options that Nancy says fastest. It's about a second faster to claim you're getting it for Nancy's father. It's 0.2 seconds faster to say "really?" over "is that so?". And it's about a second faster to say "Me? Really?" over "Subject? As in...experiment?".

Then you do the random puzzle, where he says a certain line, which is associated with one of five cards. The various lines are...

  • This is which card?
  • What card am I holding?
  • Tell me, what card is this?
  • What card is this?
  • Can you tell me what card this is?
  • What card am I concentrating on?
  • What card am I thinking about?
  • Which card am I thinking of?
  • Do you know what card I'm looking at?
  • What card am I looking at?

From what I can tell, some people get the same answers every time, while other people get randomized answers all the time. My copy of the game seems to have one set of answers for Junior Mode and one set for Senior Mode.

If you save your game and reload, the answers are the same, so you can always do a segmented run, to avoid doing this puzzle multiple times and randomly stumbling on the answers.

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His hat? The man named his hat?