Thursday, June 22, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 26

I've finished my speedrun at this point, but I still have about a week's worth of speedrunning planning posts. So I'm going to post them, even if they're outdated! Maybe someone will notice something I missed.


I tested out the route I talked about yesterday, and darn. "Nancy goes to the Lilac Inn" is the trigger for Waddell finishing the blank. So you'll have to drop off the blank at Waddell's, go to Lilac Inn, then go back to Waddell's.

Unless there is another way to get money! I asked on Facebook and Twitter, and people say Nancy will sometimes get a boot while fishing. The boot has a nickel inside, and it costs a nickel to call Nancy's dad. If there is a way to guarantee Nancy will get a boot nickel, that would be perfect. I could call her dad early on in the game, triggering the ability to deliver telegrams earlier.

I tried to get a boot while fishing. I used a worm on the reeds, which are on the right. That worked twice in a row for me! Hopefully, that's a guaranteed boot catch, and not just me getting lucky.

...Wait. Something occurred to me as I was writing this blog post. Waddell charges you for the quartz when you pick it up, not when you drop it off. You don't need to get money for him earlier. Gosh, I'm stupid. All this testing and planning for nothing.

Is it still worthwhile to get a boot nickel? Not really. It takes about 27 seconds to catch a boot nickel. Calling Nancy's dad early costs a nickel. Calling him is a timesaver, as opposed to him calling you, but that only saves about five seconds. Spending 27 seconds to save 5 seconds isn't efficient. If someone can think of a faster way for Nancy to earn an extra bit of money, then maybe calling him early would be worthwhile.

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Stripes said...

Didn't you say something about delivering a telegram near to the Lilac Inn in an earlier post? So you could do that and trigger Waddell finishing the blank without going very out of your way for either?