Monday, June 5, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 24

Earlier, I decided that Nancy would have to play minigolf twice, to get through the games without delivering telegrams.

Someone commented on this blog, to the effect that it might be faster to deliver one telegram, over playing mingolf twice. Maybe I could split the difference, and do minigolf/telegram delivery one each. Let's see how the math plays out.
  • Toys required: 5
  • Toy from general store: 25 cents
  • Toy from minigolf: 10 cents
  • Money from telegram delivery: 25 cents
  • Money Nancy has to spend: 100 cents
That math checks out! Deliver one telegram to have 125 cents, which is exactly what you need to get all the toys from the general store. I just have to cross my fingers that you can deliver one telegram, without needing to get gas. Otherwise, you'd have to deliver two telegrams--or play minigolf--to cover the gas fees.

I checked it just now, and it takes about a minute and forty seconds to deliver the first telegram. Most of it is the telegram guy talking to you, and Seymour talking to you. The actual delivery isn't bad, as the telegram office is close to the bank, and Blenheim Nursery is close to the Lilac Inn. I always get that as the first place to deliver telegrams.

A minute and forty seconds has to be shorter than two full rounds of minigolf, right? I generally take three minutes to do a minigolf game. Obviously, I'd aim for a faster time while speedrunning.


Trisha Gaurav said...

There are two types of toys in the world- fake-looking toys, and toys that look like they're alive. My brother and I had the latter. On top of that, we gave our toys real, fully formed personalities. Ever since this toy stopped barking, we made up a sapient personality for it named Emily.

Here are the other personalities we made up:
Smart Dog: A British “mad genius” dog
Orangestripes: A cowardly, evil, lazy British tiger. We were his slaves and his catchphrase was “carry me, slaves”
Spot: A dog that goes “woh” and each series of barks translates to a sentence. The only non-talking character
Brownspot: A wise British dog
Scruffy: A 4-year-old puppy
Truffles: A female dog
Hal: A dog whose catchphrase is “yo, bro”
Dumb Donkey: A derpy donkey with a Southern accent

We went on dramatic adventures with them in 2009, and in 2014 we did a "final season finale".

Before 2008 we also had Grampa, an elderly dog with a Southern accent.

What do you think?

Mike Sopespian said...

I mean, I did a bunch of things with my toys when I was a kid, too, but I don't bother people with every little detail now... because I'm polite.

Trisha Gaurav said...

My stuffed animals are my friends.