Friday, June 2, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 21

Secret of the Old Clock starts off with a lot of conversations, doesn't it? I mean, you are forced to talk to Jane, who tells you to talk to Emily, at which point you're forced to talk to Jane again, then forced to talk to Emily again.

The second Jane conversation is about a minute long, and there are only two places where Nancy can choose which dialogue option to pick. First, Nancy can ask what caused the explosion, or if insurance will cover it. If you ask about the explosion, Jane explains that a burner was left on. If you ask about insurance, she says she asked that the fire chief, and he thinks there could be a problem. Nancy asks what the problem is, and Jane explains that a burner was left on. So either way, Jane talks about the burner being on.

It's about 5.6 seconds faster to ask what caused the explosion, because that way, Jane goes straight to the burner conversation, without detouring into insurance.

Next, Nancy can ask who was in the kitchen this morning, or where Emily went. Jane's response is exactly the same, no matter which option you pick. It's about .2 seconds faster to ask who was in the kitchen.

At this point, the conversation is interrupted by a phone call, and Jane leaves. Nancy hears Emily upstairs and goes to her.


Trisha Gaurav said...

Initially, the reason I told you about my toys is because they're an important part of my life. I told you about my toys for the same reason you told everyone about your wife and daughters. But then I noticed that my toys aren't as popular as your wife and daughters. How do I make them as famous as your wife and daughters?

Trisha Gaurav said...

The main reason I want to make our toys popular is because we're the 1 percent of the population to give our toys real, fully formed personalities. I've considered making a career out of them too.

Michael Gray said...

I'm not the person to ask; you should try hunting down one of the YouTubers who do toy/doll shows. Mary was really into one of those channels, a few years ago.

Trisha Gaurav said...

Okay, thanks for the advice. I'll go do that.