Friday, June 30, 2017

Everything Wrong With Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Okay, I'm compiling the list of reasons for Everything Wrong With Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon! Leave any good ideas as comments on this post!

Here's a playthrough of the game I did, to help me come up with ideas:


Kellie Lehse said...

taffy sorting, coin puzzle, ballet shoe puzzle, Tony Baldochi enough said, end puzzle, Fatima, none of that 'ph' stuff

Bridgitte Waldrop said...

That graveyard keeper knows all about those crypts, even Camille's despite it being over 100 years old. It's just unsettling.

In order to unlock the pipes in the sleeper car, you have to go to Camille's crypt and make the rubbings to get words to get the correspondening numbers to find the combination. Now that is just extra.

Jake's mine. That fish and all the chameleons must be fake because otherwise they've been hanging out in those exact positions for over a hundred years.

Charlenna won't take 15 minutes at most to get off the train and go meet Fatima, a huge fan.

I don't think salt water Taffy is that sticky.

Jake should have considered a career in engineering with all of the work he set up on the train to just use the map and find his mine. And how does dancing unlock the cabinet?

How did Laurie manage to escape the dining car so quickly? Sure there's a passageway but she'd still have to open the door to the sleeping car without anyone hearing and run to the caboose and get that door open apparently with out the slugs.

Anonymous said...

Nancy discovers the secret passage that Lori went into but doesn't explore it or say anything like so this is how Lori disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Lori Gerard is a jerk for forgetting nancys name over and over again.
Tiny is a jerk for being himself.
Charleena is a jerk for forgetting who Nancy Drew is and for stealing a plot line from Lori and putting it in her book,,,,SERIOUSLY.....Charlene's couldn't come up with a plot line so she steals from someone like Lori?
John Gray is a jerk for not letting us the piano.

The Red Wolf said...


Andrea P said...

I second the comment about Lori escaping the dining car. The secret panel sliding open would save her absolutely NO TIME since there is already an open doorway right next to the secret panel, and since this is a moving train with separate cars, it would be impossible for the panel to lead directly to the back car. She would basically end up in the bar area where Charleena sits, then have to open the dining car door to head to the back of the train. It would probably be faster to just run through the doorway behind her and head to the back of the train instead of sliding the "secret panel" open.

Stripes said...

Tino, Charleena and Lori are jerks. Charleena wears a flower at her armpit. Lori doesn't go to jail for attempted murder. Fatima. Old man starts randomly reciting stuff. What Michael said in the video, "this town is full of crazy people." Old man wants people to talk like dead as a dustmop, lol. Nancy can still do puzzles that are a hundred years old.

Zach Murrey said...

The only purpose joe has in the game is leaving the train in Cooper Gorge to get a cheeseburger. And Frank's Marty McFly costume.

Anonymous said...

According to Charleena's headshot she lacks a properly formed philtrum.

(Why did she wear THAT outfit for her headshots?)

Ella said...

Charleena's major difference from Shadow Ranch.

Anonymous said...

the gold rush game I could never beat

Charleena's body proportions are way off.

I think I am the only person who actually likes Tino, lol

Anonymous said...

it's just pure luck that old guy starts rambling in that restaurant. also, like the comment above said, lori only gets her credit cards taken away for trying to murder Nancy...

Kailey Koepp said...

Thought of another one (note I'm the same person that talked about the secret passage way) why didn't Jake use the mine cart to escape. Instead he just layed there to die when his escape route was right next to him.

Joy said...

What was the engineer's letter doing in the stove?
Why did John Grey bring that puzzle box with him if all it has in it is duct tape? Why not just bring the duct tape? And why did he think he would need duct tape anyway?
After you read the letter in the cigar box about Jake's lamp you can go behind Tino and get the carbide and Nancy says something like 'I need this to make the lamp I found work' despite the fact that she hasn't found the lamp yet.
The physics of the slug puzzle being able to open the stove and the eagle picture are way off.
The physics of the steam puzzle is off too, why would the valve burst because the pipes aren't connected? If anything the opposite would happen, if the pipes aren't connected then the pressure would be too low, not too high.
If you look at the dance steps midway through the dance the puzzle gets reset. WHY???
Nancy asks for just a piece of wax paper but takes the whole tube.
The copper indentation in the crypt doesn't have a mechanism to it like the other indentations on the cigar box and the trunk. How does it work then?
Nancy uses her taffy to get the crypt key instead of eating it like a normal person. Where are your priorities Nancy?

Anonymous said...

Nancy says 'has either of you ever been to copper gorge?' Instead of 'have either of you been to copper gorge' learn your English Nancy!

Anonymous said...

During the opening shot, Nancy must've been dodging around to not be seen at all. And when Lori talks to her, she's looking down. Is Nancy on the floor?