Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dishwasher Drama

We had some dishwasher drama recently! The dishwasher stopped draining. There was a pool of water at the bottom, every time we ran the dishwasher. This had the side effect of giving us really dirty dishes; it's hard to clean dishes with dirty water.

I tried fixing it myself. I managed to unscrew the pipe to the garbage disposal and clean it out. That didn't appear to do anything. Then I tried unscrewing one of the pipes on the bottom. Water started spraying out over the floor and me, like some kind of crazy sitcom. It took about eight towels to clean up.

I called a repair person, who basically said the dishwasher is done for. We can pay $700 to repair it, or we could buy a new one. We decided to get a new one, but the installation people refused to install it because it's too large. Why? Apparently, it's standard in the dishwasher industry to say a dishwasher is 24 inches wide, when in reality, it's anywhere from 23.5 to 24.5. Also, they'll sometimes list the size of the box the dishwasher comes in, rather than the dishwasher's actual size.

So we're going to be washing dishes by hand for a while.


Emily said...

It's not really helpful at this point, but it may have been the timer on the dishwasher going bad. That's what's happening to mine and I'm getting similar symptoms to what you described.

Unfortunately, on a more modern dishwasher there's not much you can do. So at least you got accurate information from your repair person.

Anonymous said...

You could maybe put your dishwasher in the laundry room or bathroom if there is space. My friend did that, it was eccentric but better than washing by hand!

Anonymous said...

there are 18" dishwashers:

In the extra space you could get a cabinet maker to make you a little pull out drawer to hold bottles, or you could leave it empty