Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rosie Sleeping

I got some victories with Rosie sleeping this week! On Monday...

Uh oh, there's a grammatical error in that Tweet! ("to the first time"?) Why didn't anyone tell me about that silly typo?

Well, the book review I did was Sweet Valley High 83: Steven's Bride, which is an awful book where Steven and Cara decide to get married for bad reasons, and they decided to stop the wedding, for more bad reasons. Also, everyone ignore the fact that the plot is impossible, because Cara is 16 years old, too young to get married.

On Tuesday, I got Rosie to fall asleep in the front pack, after dropping the other daughter off at school. I can work at the computer with her sleeping in the front pack, but I have to semi-constantly sway back and forth, to simulate movement, otherwise she wakes up. She wakes up after about an hour, no matter what. Still! Getting one hour or so to do work is better than nothing!

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