Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 14

Hey, the hiccup I had with Topham's logic puzzle ended up NOT destroying the speedrun. I just reloaded a save and tried it again.

Today I played for about 45 minutes, without making TOO much progress. I did the puzzle to get the trivet-journal from Jim Archer.
  1. Read the note about Marcel's band
  2. Ask Topham about Marcel
  3. Ask Topham where Marcel is
  4. Ask Emily where Marcel is
  5. Get key from Marcel.
  6. Take key to Jim Archer. He tells you to sew a dress.
  7. Go to Lilac Inn. Ask Jane if she will sew.
  8. Go upstairs. Discover the sewing machine has no needle.
  9. Ask Jane for a needle.
  10. Do the pie challenge. Leave and return.
  11. Get the needle from Jane.
  12. Sew the dress.
  13. Go to Jim Archer's for the trivet-journal.
And then I did the "open the journal" puzzle.
  1. Enter hidden passageway. Solve Creepy's Corner puzzle for a record.
  2. Play record in Emily's room.
  3. Open journal with the password "goodfellow"
I checked pretty much everything, and none of it can be skipped. Darn. I've got two more things to check, though! First, I need to see if you have to have the trivet, to open the journal. Most likely yes, because there's no way they'd make the long fetch quest optional. Second, do you have to ask Jane if she'll sew in Step 7 above? Because she says no, and you go upstairs to Emily. Maybe you can skip Jane and go straight upstairs to Emily. Minor timesaver!


Kat Fort said...

I'm enjoying your YouTube channel, but do you have any opinions about the lack of release or any information on Midnight in Salem? Do you think HeRInteractive has given up, or in extremely slow development due to transition to a new system?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know your thoughts as well ^