Friday, May 12, 2017

Midnight in Salem

As I said earlier this week, it seems like people have been asking about Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem recently. Maybe that's because a week from today is the two year anniversary of the previous game in the series.

Well, Her Interactive posted about the game on their Facebook page. Let me quote the post verbatim:

Despite our best attempts to answer everyone's emails, posts, tweets, blog posts, etc. about Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem...we admittedly do miss some. And hey, we’re only human, so sometimes we inadvertently miss responding to a post. Hence, we felt it would be appropriate to post the attached message. Our goal is to have a more substantial update for you very shortly. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented shift at HeR Interactive. Please know that we are not ignoring you but we are a very lean team and simply can't respond to everything. We are doing the very best we can. Also, please know that just because we offer a new Nancy Drew puzzle or start a new Nancy Drew contest, that it has no impact on the development and progress of our next title. Our fans mean the world to us and we appreciate you sticking by us during this longer than usual wait time between titles. As always, we thank you for your support and stay sleuthy!

This came along with a picture which reads:

Dear fans--

Please know we are still in the process of developing Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem but do not have any additional news or a release date to announce at this time.

We apologize for this delay, as we are updating the game engine, UI, graphics and more to improve the overall quality of the games. We thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned!

Her Interactive


Anonymous said...

I just had a few random questions about Shadow at the Water's Edge, since I just finished that game for the first time, and was still a little confused with the ending. If Rentaro supposedly invented Suki, why was there a man selling robotic cats just like her at the Expo? My only thought was that Rentaro was this man, considering he did ask that you solve a massive puzzle for the code word, but I'm not sure. Also, who was it that wrote the message on Yumi's window, and what was her secret that they knew? Just wondering! And thanks for the update on MID!

Phil said...

I wonder how HeR manages to stay in business without any products to sell? Two years is a very long time. I always looked forward to the twice a year releases, now, I'm disappointed in their lack of planning, vision for the company and non-answer.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. Their salaries are listed on glass door, and everyone is over 60+ a year.

Something like 80% of all small businesses fail, I really want the company to succeed, but realistically if they dont release MID soon, I cant see them going on.

The decision to put their only product on hiatus, and completely and totally revamp it, and launch a new product/division for a completely different target market all at the same time is a Herculean task even for a major corporation, and was really lacking foresight or a grasp of reality.