Sunday, May 7, 2017

Midnight in Salem

I've gotten an uptick in questions about Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem recently. By "uptick", I mean three questions about it, in the span of a week. There hasn't been any information released about the game. Some people are worried, some people are confused, and some people are angry.

I understand and accept Her Interactive's decision not to release any information on the game, until it's almost ready for release. I feel like, if they did anything else, that would be stirring up the hornet's nest.

There's also the fact that the art and dev is being outsourced, so maybe they just don't have day-to-day updates. Sort of like with the game I'm making now, The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World. My status update is "I sent everything to Paul the Programmer, and I'm waiting for him to finish". That's been my status update for a few months now. I guess I could bug him for daily statuses like "today, I tested out all the variables in the map puzzle", but that wouldn't do much besides annoy Paul and hinder his progress.

Speaking of Paul, we do a monthly podcast on gamedev! Check it out!

There's also the fact that the people who interact most with the fans are from the marketing department. You know, not the people who are directly responsible for making the game? Hassling them about the game is like hassling the finance department for the way the website looks. Being mean to the people about things they have no control over doesn't help anything.


Andrea said...

The anger that I see from the "fans" is getting out of control. There is no reason to throw a fit and harass the marketing people. They don't control how quickly the game is made or even how much information to release. Imagine how horrible they feel, not being able to please anyone. We need to be kind to one another.

Katie said...

Patience is a virtue is a saying that bears repeating.

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying, but it is the entire point of the marketing team to create a good image for the company. If they are not doing it they can only accept the consequence.

From what I have read, nobody wants details or a due date, but just something that seems real and authentic, and lets then know tbat the game is being worked on. HeR says it is, but in a way that seems fake.

Everyone has a favorite game that took five years to release, but the fans stood by them over the years cause they were kept in the loop of dialogue. Not all the time, but maybe once a year.

I just dont understand, if the way they are interacting with fans is not working, why they do not go back to the drawing board and try a different strategy. Its like if you have a sensitive child who responds well to open communication and encouragement, and the parent insists on treating them with strict discipline cause that is what the parent had when they were a kid You need to change to what works with them or else they could end up traumatized :)

Andrea P said...

Whatever happened to seeing the best in people? So many people are demonizing people that they have never met. If the marketing people were allowed to say more about MID, then they would do so in a heartbeat. Please, do NOT make their lives miserable over something they do not control. Being in marketing does not mean that they get to decide what to share. What I have seen is a marketing employee try to respond to hundreds of comments all about the same thing. LJ has posted puzzles, coloring pages, contests, streams, etc. all in an effort to give fans something fun to do as a community while they wait.

Michael, thank you for staying positive about this situation. You are a good role model for many.

MJ said...

I disagree wholeheartedly. Customers have opinions. Constructive criticism is a valid part in every business. A business NOT a person. At this point, even an update about the fact that they're doing so and so would be helpful. I know that the marketing department isn't involved in programming, but healthy companies have great communication and understanding of various aspects in how the company works and it doesn't seem so with HER right now. At this point they've had enough time to address the issue. Plus, all the Throwback Thursday (even when it's not Thursday) posts on their Facebook is getting annoying especially since they are not dealing with the very obvious elephant in the room. They seem to have gotten more frequently too, to the point where I thought of unliking them. Ignoring the situation isn't going to make it even better and not going to have fans staying around. For me, I don't see the fans anxiousness as negativity I see it as concern and constructive criticism. Not everything is sunshine and roses and if you don't address and program it's not going to get solved. Healthy conversation is needed for success.