Sunday, April 16, 2017


Tax day is coming up. Normally, Tax Day is 4/15, but it was delayed this year because of the weekend and holiday. Make sure to file a tax return, either electronically or by mail!

I recommend saving a copy of your tax return. You don't know if identity thieves will attack you next year, and you'll need a copy of your prior year tax return to prove your identity. There are other situations where you might need a copy of last year's tax return, like for mortgages or college scholarships, but identity theft is the big one. Keep a copy of your prior year tax return, just in case.

Another tip: don't put the wrong address on your tax return. You should never do that, as a general rule, but you especially should avoid doing this, if you know you're a potential identity theft victim. Say, someone stole your wallet or hacked your office mainframe. As you can probably guess, "totally different address" is a huge red flag for identity theft. So keep your address current and correct!

The sad identity theft cases are ones which are obviously NOT identity theft. Say your bank rejects your refund, because the refund was in the name of "Donald Trump" and your bank account is in the name of "Don Trump". As you can probably guess, it's a huge red flag for identity theft if the bank rejects money due to name mismatch. So make sure your bank account is in your legal name, i.e. The name on your social security card. Don't use your YouTube username for this!


Trisha Gaurav said...

Here are some ideas for Everything Wrong With Secret of Old Clock

In the dialog box, the numbers are spelled out rather than being written as symbols
Nancy interrupts herself while playing golf
The game does not let you click on the robot during Topham's meeting
Everyone in town subconsciously gives Nancy the all the answers to Topham's riddle
If you go to people more than once before getting a job they repeat themselves
Bess and George both have the same mother
Topham says Nancy has mental powers despite subconsciously giving you the answer every time
You can't go into the kitchen even though that's the scene of the crime
Nancy is wearing a dress
You can't call Ned
Nancy has an endless supply of bait

Anonymous said...

Women did generally wear dresses in 1930. You can't call that one the game's fault.