Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Now that Rosie is over three months old, her face is changing. She used to look just like my clone, and now she looks like her own person. Kind of. She still looks a lot like me, to the point that you'd pick me as her father in a police lineup.

Note to Nancy Drew authors: Include baby daddy police lineup in the next book, okay?

I'm told it's normal for babies to completely change their appearances. She'll probably look different at six months, and different again when her permanent hair comes in. It's similar to how older children change. The way you look at 8 can be totally different from the way you look at 16.


Anonymous said...

my friend majored in biology and she said they were taught that the first born baby looks like the father, so the father can trust the mother and bond with the baby. The second baby normally resembles the mother more.

Katie said...

Opposite for our family - our first born looks like me (mother) and our second born looks like father.

OneHundredPercentAus said...

Pics? please? :D