Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 8

I talked about the trivet yesterday. I forgot, the trivet puzzle has some more complications.

When you have both halves of the trivet, you enter the password "GOODFELLOW" to get the numbers to call on the ham radio. You're supposed to listen to the Creepy's Corner record, before solving the puzzle. I'll double-check to see if you DO have to listen to the record, but if you do, that means Nancy has to go to the hidden passageway and get the record and listen to it, before she can open the trivet.

Does Nancy have to listen to the whole record? Because it's long. Maybe you can get away with only listening it, for a few seconds. And maybe you can get away with NOT listening to the record. Maybe the game only checks to see if you have it in your inventory.

Also, getting the trivet half from Jim Archer requires a few more hoops to jump through. Once you get the key from the hat, from Emily, you go to Jim Archer. He gives you the sewing puzzle. You go back to the Lilac Inn, and talk to Jane. She gives you the pie puzzle, in exchange for a sewing needle. So you do the pie puzzle, so you can do the sewing puzzle, so you can get the trivet half from Jim Archer. I believe that you can check the note to Gloria, at this point. I'll have to check if it's necessary to read the note to Gloria, or if you can skip it. I bet you can't skip it.


Stripes said...

I think you can skip the note to Gloria, it's just background info.

Caitlin Brast said...

If memory serves me correctly, you don't have to listen to the whole record. I'm pretty sure I skipped it after my first playthrough.