Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 7

As I said yesterday, the first major part of "Secret of the Old Clock" is getting the mirrors and reaching the upstairs area of the carriage house. This area has two different notes. One is about Marcel's band, and the other is about the piece of quartz for the ham radio. Both of those are longer puzzles, and I'm fairly certain you HAVE to read the upstairs notes to trigger these puzzles.

Both puzzles involve talking to Topham, so that's nice. You can kill two birds with one stone that way.

With the quartz, you ask Topham for it. He makes you do his psychic puzzle. Then you take the quartz to Waddell to be cut. He charges you a lot of money for it, the greedy jerk.

With Marcel's band, you ask Topham what Marcel is. It's a hat that Emily has. You go to Emily and get the key from the hat. Then you go to Jim Archer's and use the key for the second half of the trivet. Obviously, I'll want to arrange things so I have both halves of the trivet at this point. So...I'll have the trip into town, where I get the quartz to Waddell, get half of the trivet from Archer, and solve the second half of the trivet puzzle, if necessary.

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