Sunday, April 23, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 5

As part of the trivet challenge, you need five toys for the orphans. You can buy toys at the general store, which is near Twin Elms. You can also win the minigolf challenge multiple times for toys. Minigolf is cheaper than buying toys, although it takes longer.

It all comes down to money. Nancy makes money in this game, by delivering telegrams. That takes a long time, and it would be ideal for the speedrun if I could avoid it.

The only other time Nancy gets money is when she goes through the hidden passageway. I think there's a dollar or so, there. Nancy spends money to play minigolf, buy toys, use the phone, get the key from Waddell and get the jewel cut by Waddell. Buying gasoline also costs money.

I guess I have to do math here! Calculate how much money Nancy earns, versus how much money she has to spend. Hopefully the math will NOT work out to "play minigolf five times in a row for five toys", to save enough money to avoid delivering telegrams.

I will also have to time how long it takes to win mini-golf, compared to how long it takes to get toys at the general store.

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Grace Howell said...

Michael, I played the game the other day. The toys cost 25c each, and you get $1.00 in the tunnel. So long as you have another 25c, you can get the dollar from the passage and buy all five toys at the general store. You only need to call Carson once, and you don't have to play the golf course at all, crazily enough. At least I'm pretty sure you don't have to. Hope this helps.