Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Old Clock Speedrun Planning 1

I played Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock and you know, that's one of the games that I don't have any speedrun strategies for. I guess it's a little difficult to route because it's non-linear.

Well, the first part of the game should be easy enough to route! You have to...

1. Go inside the Lilac inn
2. Talk to Jane
3. (Solve the bard bounce puzzle in the den, or save it for later?)
4. (Solve the clock puzzle in the den, or save it for later?)
5. Talk to Emily. This triggers the kitchen scene, which includes a conversation with Jane and a conversation with Emily.
6. Now you can go to other places and do things! All other locations are closed until the kitchen scene.

Lots of conversations, I see. So that means I'd have to replay this section over and over, in order to find the fastest conversation routes.

I don't know if I have to solve the two puzzles here at the start, or later. Later on, you have to visit the den and find a hidden passageway. It'd be a timesaver to solve the den puzzles while finding the hidden passageway, as opposed to making TWO trips to the den. I guess it all depends on what the trigger is for "hidden passageway in the den can be found now". I think the trigger is meeting Mr. Archer? Maybe?


Sophie Carbone said...

I was actually able to find the den immediately as I walked into the den the first time, just pulling the lever on the window seat helps. Also if you can memorize the words needed to unlock the carriage house you can do that after the kitchen scene as well

Michael Gray said...

Really?! I'll have to check the den thing again!