Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nancy Drew and the Generic 1980's Mystery

I was planning on doing a book review for Nancy Drew and the Generic 1980's Mystery today, as an April Fool's day joke. The idea is that I would make up a silly plotline and pretend it was a real Nancy Drew Files mystery.

The plot ideas I had include...
  1. Bess has a boyfriend who looks like Michael Douglass.
  2. Brenda Carlton meets Detective Ryan and dates him. Maybe they meet at Pancake City.
  3. Nancy makes out with the hot cover guy, and later on makes out with Ned, with no regrets.
  4. Nancy makes incredibly stupid choices that put her in obvious danger, just so we can have cliffhangers.
  5. The villains easily defeat Nancy several times, but at the end, she suddenly remembers that she's a karate expert, and she knocks them all out with one punch.
Oh well, maybe I can recycle this joke idea for next year!

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Bridgitte Waldrop said...

I still liked your video for today, it was the bee's knees!