Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

I got to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie recently! I'd say 2/3 to 3/4 of the new material was good, but...only 10% of the movie is new material. Pretty much all of it is recycled from the original. It's like one of those videogame "enhanced remakes", where they change as little as possible.

Granted, the original film is fantastic, but when I'm able to quote the movie's dialogue before the characters do, that's not a good sign. It sort of reminds me of when The Three Stooges movie came out, and all my friends who were fans of the Three Stooges just shrugged and decided to rewatch the original instead.

The CGI and special effects are all fantastic, except during "Be Our Guest", which went a little overboard with the CGI, making it less impressive than the original. The songs were good, especially the Beast's new song. I noticed the timing was different on some of the songs. I don't know if that's them purposely trying to be different, or if the actors needed to pause and take a breath in between lines. I saw Frozen; I know Josh Gad can sing fancy!

As I said, the new material is good. Mostly, it explores the character's backstories, like what happened to Belle's mother or the Beast's parents. They explain that Gaston was a Captain in a war, which is why he's so bloodthirsty and why pretty much everyone in town follows his orders. And the rules of the curse are explained in more specific detail, helpfully closing up the plothole of "why doesn't anyone in town remember the prince who lives close by?".

But as I said, it's only about 10% new material, nowhere near as much new material as there was in Maleficent or Cinderella. (That's what my wife says. I'm trusting her on this, as I didn't see those movies.)

Overall, a good movie. I liked it.


Anonymous said...

What! Disney is giving some screen time to Belle's mom!

Anonymous said...

Live action remakes NEED to STOP.