Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Soap Opera Relationships

I've always been a little skeptical, when people say relationships or marriages are all about feelings or emotions. In general, it seems like a bad idea to base something on a feeling, because feelings are temporary and fleeting.

You see this in soap operas all the time. The characters have superficial relationships, built on passion and romance. Six months later when their feelings change, they decide, oops, guess they weren't really in love after all. So they break up or get divorced and restart the cycle all over again.

When I was still watching "General Hospital", Sonny and Carly were getting married for the fourth or fifth time. That's a lot of breaking up and getting back together.

So I don't like the idea that marriage and relationships are all about feelings. I want a higher standard than that. I happen to like the Catholic idea that love is an action, a conscious decision, an act of the will.


Andrea said...

Shared values are important as well.

Stripes said...

People in soap operas have over-dramatic lives.

Anonymous said...

some passion is necessary in life. ROmance is a mysterious thing, otherwise we would fall in love with anyone, but our hearts go just to a select one or two in a lifetime