Saturday, March 25, 2017

Runes Puzzle

I was playing "Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor" the other day. I wondered why Nancy never told Linda about the runes puzzle, which is right below the plaque with the curse. The curse itself tells you to solve the puzzle, after all. That is relevant information which Linda should know.

"Linda! Linda!" Nancy cried, bounding in the room. "I figured out how to undo the curse!"

"You have?" Linda asked. "But that's impossible!"

"It's not," Nancy said. "It's right there, in the third paragraph of the plaque. 'Prove thy worthiness and memorialize here the innocent one so wrongly condemned for saving lives. Else consider thyself right and truly cursed.' See? You're only cursed if you DON'T prove your worth!"

"And how exactly do you 'prove your worth'?" Linda asked sharply. "I have no idea what that means!"

"It means all you have to do is put Elinor's name into the puzzle, to avoid being cursed," Nancy said. She pulled out a piece of paper with a grin. "And I've got Jane's papers on Norse runes."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Linda said. "Puzzle? Norse runes? Have you been cursed, too? A curse that prevents you from making sense?"

"No," Nancy said. "The picture slides open. Didn't you notice that?"

"It WHAT?"

"You just put your fingers into the little hole where the eyeball is, then you slide the picture away to reveal some Norse runes," Nancy said. "Then you spell out 'Elinor' in runes. It's pretty simple."

"Why did you stick your fingers in the eyeball--whatever," Linda said. "I'm going to see this for myself. Only..."

"You don't want to be seen. I understand," Nancy said. "I'll leave the rune alphabet stuff here, then I'll play a game in Jane's room to distract her. Will ten minutes be enough?"

"That would be wonderful, thanks."

Nancy went to Jane, and they played a game of Bul together. They had been at it for less than ten minutes, when Linda entered the room, looking happy, healthy and a tad hairy.

"It worked!" she said. "The curse is undone! I'm no longer turning into a werewolf! And solving the rune puzzle opened a secret passageway!"

"That's wonderful! Did you explore it?" Nancy asked.

"No way! I've had enough of hidden passageways to last a lifetime!"

Jane was confused. "Huh?" she asked. "There's a rune puzzle near the curse?"

Linda's eyes narrowed. "Jane, what do you know about this curse?"

"Uh oh," Jane said.


Stripes said...

lol, this should have happened.

Anonymous said...

hey michael I watched one of your step daughters cooking videos and then her gymnastics one, and you need to know there is a creep in the comments of the video saying something disturbing :( I hope you can ban them from her channel.