Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rosie Update

Rosie is two and a half months old now*. She can smile more easily now, and she most often smiles when she's looking at someone who's smiling at her. The doctors call it "social smiles". She gives social smiles much more often than she smiles of her own accord.

Her facial muscles are still developing at this point. She can make the "m", "g" and "w" sounds more clearly now. She can do two syllable words now, too! It's all unintelligible things like "wa-ga", but that's a step up from doing "waaa" "gaaaa" in separate breaths.

This past week, she seemed less social than normal to me. She sometimes does the baby version of conversations, where she coos at you. If you respond to her, she'll give you a different coo. It's incredibly cute. But sadly, I must be coming home from work too late, because all I get is grumpy nighttime Rosie. She gets grumpy around 8 PM every night, before going to sleep.

She's still not sleeping the whole night through. We are trying to get her used to sleeping in her crib, instead of sleeping with one of us on the couch.

*She'll be three months by the time this posts. I wrote this over a week in advance.

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OneHundredPercentAus said...

Careful - before you know it, she'll be off and exploring everything. :P