Saturday, March 11, 2017

Open Library

Big thanks to my blog reader Meg, who suggested I check out Open Library. They're affiliated with the Internet Archive, which means they've got the fancy book-scanning machine. The machine is great. You stick a book in, the machine flips through all the pages and scans them, and gives you a complete PDF of the book. Internet Archive was hoping to use the machine to scan every book ever in every library ever.

I used to work with Project Gutenberg about ten years ago now, and I had to scan in a bunch of books by hand. I've still got a ton of files for them, just sitting on my computer. I really should work those, someday.

So Open Library has a lot of books available, and it works just like any other eBook library provider service. I think. I've never used eBook services that are available through libraries before. But it works just like a library, in that I can check out a book and read it on my computer/iPad for 2-3 weeks, at which point I have to return it. (Getting it from the computer to the iPad was a multi-hour nightmare, but it works now.)

It looks like at some point, somewhere, they got a collection of Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High books. They don't have EVERY book from those series available, and most of the time, they've only got one copy available, so if it's already been checked out, you have to play the waiting game. Still, this is a great resource for getting these out of print books.

I was thinking that, once I've finished reviewing the River Heights series, I would send my books over to these folks, so they can scan them and get them added to the library.


Katie said...

I use open library a lot.

I also recommend you see if your library system allows you to access hoopla, in addition to overdrive - hoopla has audiobooks, movies, music, ebooks, and my library allows 3 checkouts a month, per library card account. (We have 4 library cards in my household) The nice thing is, with hoopla, it doesn't matter if it's checked out by someone else - you can still check it out. No waiting.

Emily said...

Like Katie, I read all my books through overdrive. There is an app so you can access it on all devices with no problem. It won't be like the hassle you faced getting it from the computer to the iPad.

Michael Gray said...

I got Open Library to work on my iPad, by telling it I'm on OverDrive! So I can do both eBook groups. Score!

Meg s said...

I'm so happy you like Open Library! I can't wait for you to send them the River Heights series!

HyperTT said...

Overdrive is what I use for my library, but some of the books they don't have I try to request and I never get any feedback :( There is also one my library partnered with for audio books called Hoopla.