Monday, March 6, 2017

Mystery Tales and Edge of Reality

I decided to double check Big Fish Games to see if they released any cool new games, and oh no! They've released a ton of them! As in, ten games from series that I consider to be good series, worth checking out.

The other day, I played the newest Mystery Tales and Edge of Reality games. They're on my radar because I played and enjoyed Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes and Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny last year.

There was some minor continuity with Edge of Reality. The scenario and characters are 100% different, and it's switched genres from fantasy adventure to horror. But two things are the same. First, the main character has a cute dog. Glad to see they kept the BEST part of the first game! Second, there is a magical bracelet artifact that lets the hero see things. Granted, it was a ring in Ring of Destiny, but it's still magical jewelry.

Mystery Tales has more continuity, because you're playing as the same character. The premise is the same, too: you're investigating a series of deaths. The character still has her time-traveling glasses from the previous game, too. So I'd say Mystery Tales is more of a direct sequel than Edge of Reality is. It's not such a direct sequel that they feel the need to go into detail about the previous game, but it's not a complete continuity reset, either.

I will play the full games...eventually? I'll try to prioritize Mystery Tales, because the last game was way more popular than the last Edge of Reality game. Yes, I do sometimes take my walkthroughs' popularity into account when deciding what new games to play!

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