Sunday, March 5, 2017

Little Sister Books

I have Baby-Sitters Little Sister books, up to #11. Book #9 is the point where the series became "official", and they released a new book every month, as opposed to releasing a new book whenever Ann Martin had the spare time to write one.

So far, I've been reviewing the Baby-Sitters Club and Little Sister books chronologically. I wonder if I should change it, now that they're both monthly. Here are the two possibilities:

Review June's BSC book and June's Little Sister book together
Review July's BSC book and July's Little Sister book together

Review June's BSC book and July's BSC book together
Review June's LS book and July's LS book together

Does that make sense? I'm basically asking if I should review the two series separately, or if I should continue grouping them together, based on release date. There's no crossover between the two series, so there's no real reason to keep them synced with each other.

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baby bear said...

I think keep them in separate reviews. They aren't really related to each other.