Friday, March 10, 2017

Kitchens Are My Life

I managed to get Mary to do some work on her YouTube channel, "Kitchens Are My Life"! Mary records a lot of videos for it, but she has a hard time actually editing and uploading the videos. The videos just sit on her iPad for months on end.

So now there are six videos scheduled, all of them, I think they were done before Katie got pregnant. Anyway, a new video is going to be released on Sunday, for the next six weeks! So Mary's channel has content until mid-April. Please subscribe if you feel so inclined!

Normally, they say "like and subscribe", but I don't care if you like them or not. I'm just hoping she will hit the magic number of subscribers, 50, so I can try to switch her to a different YouTube payment plan. She's not doing it for the money, but currently, her 12 cents is sitting around in Google Adsense, which wants her to accumulate $100 before they'll pay out.

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