Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Everything Wrong With Suggestions

As usual, I've got some "Everything Wrong With" suggestions that I'm not sure whether or not to include. What do you think?

1. Who is the woman on the cover of the box? There's no one in a red robe in this game.
2. "There's something out there!" It's pretty out of character for Nancy to shriek in terror at a scary noise.
3. The hand cursor in the opening scene, on the door knocker, tricked me into thinking I have to click in order to proceed.
4. How did [culprit] do the voice and growl at the start of the game?
5. Just like "Danger on Deception Island", this game has a Russian expert who left their phone number in a textbook.
6. Why did Elinor forbid people from hunting the Blackmoor Beast? That was never explained.
7. "Refrain from mucking about with items that aren't yours". Nancy follows Mrs. Drake's orders to stay inside, but she totally ignores Mrs. Drake's orders to not
8. "And then...and then what? And then she changed the subject." Nancy's heavy-handed dramatic cliffhanger.
9. How does using the computer open up hidden panels all over the manor?
10. Nancy types of Nigel's memoirs, but where did she get them in the first place? Is she copying off of handwritten pages? Because there are no pages in this scene.
11. After the chanting scene, the lights turn on, the second Jane's door shuts. How does THAT work?
12. How does solving the door puzzle cause the well to be filled?
13. Why does Ethel make such a big deal out of the fact that only the initiated can find the forge? Nancy is uninitiated and has no problem solving the mystery.
14. Nancy should still be able to move the statue, after Nigel puts a cloth on it.
15. Nancy is forced to solve the dragon and gargoyle puzzles every time she enters the hidden passageways, but with all the other puzzles, she only has to solve them once.
16. You can play the game through and win without finding the letter about the hair cream, which makes things a bit confusing.
17. Someone said "airport codes" in the game were wrong. What does THAT refer to?

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OneHundredPercentAus said...

Ethel's random hi/bye appearing out of nowhere. Sounds like the animators were somewhat lazy?

Also, what's with the bird cake? (I do not own birds)