Friday, March 3, 2017

Everything Wrong With Secret of Shadow Ranch

I finished "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch"!

According to multiple comments on the video, you CAN get a conversation about Tex's birthday on Day Three. I tried, but I couldn't get it. Also, the random pink food is cattle feed; there's a hotspot for it in Tex's area, by one of the saddles you're not supposed to look at.

And while looking at the bookshelves on Day Two, I found the hidden passageway! Pull on the book in the lower/left. I'm guessing this isn't triggered until you find Dave in the hidden passageway, but I guess it's worth checking to see if you can trigger it earlier.


Anonymous said...

We love your EWW videos. We watch them over and over. So much information and so many clever observations! Can't wait for our fav game - Blackmoor Manor!

HyperTT said...

That is cool about how you can access the hidden passage by pulling a book in the shelf. I did not know that. Maybe you just made it so people can speed run the game quicker.

Bridgitte Waldrop said...

I've got a list ready for Blackmore Manor!

MJ said...

I wish there would've been a way to throw some of those stupid vegetables at Shorty in Shadow Ranch. I hated that challenge so freaking much. Plus, I always wonder what did Shorty actually do besides yell at you to do chores when you're supposed to be on vacation. Honestly, Nancy should've just grabbed the canteen and filled it with water herself. It would've been a lot easier.

Blackmore Manor should be an interesting video to see. I have a lot of things to say about that one (which is one of my favorite games, but still you wonder how they're going to keep up their elaborate family secret when that computer bites the dust and bird croaks. Surprise that stupid card machine still worked. It would be interesting, I think if HER ever sort of addressed the fact that some clues don't last forever and Nancy had to actually get a little creative with solving the mystery.