Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Everything Wrong With Curse of Blackmoor Manor

I played "Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor" this past weekend. Now that I've got the video footage, I can start doing an Everything Wrong With video for it! Please give me your suggestions!

Also, please don't expect me to have the project finished in under a week.


Stripes said...

Mrs Drake has Hay Fever, but spends all her time in the conservatory.

Mrs Drake talks to her plants, lol, and overreacts to Nancy knocking on her door. Nancy gets thrown out for knocking on her door.

Even a lot of other British people can't understand the cockney rhyming slang. My reaction was like "What?" as well, lol.

Andrea P said...

There are no bathrooms, and apparently Ethel must sleep in the burnt down kitchen, since she is referred to as a "houseguest" but does not have a bedroom. Same for Nigel actually.

You can't talk to Hardy Boys OR Bess and George. At least one duo should have been included!

Linda doesn't get food poisoning from eating raw meat.

Anonymous said...

What happens to Linda after the the game? Does she have to shave her arms?

Anonymous said...

Is it a happy ending afterwards?

Anonymous said...

There are too many puzzles that are forced into your face (such as all of the games). Talk about game-ception. :(

Anonymous said...

The moving rooms puzzle to get to the forge seems WAY complicated, and you have to do it every time you go to the forge.

Anonymous said...

The British accents were TERRIBLE! I live in England and I have NEVER met anyone who talks like that!!!

Anonymous said...

If you read the newspaper article, it says that the bride stood on her head whilst the groom did cartwheels down the aisle. Was Linda warned about this in advance, and if so why did she wear a floor length, two piece satin gown with a train. Surely there was a more practical wedding dress she could wear to do this. And why is her hair not messed up after this?

Anonymous said...

I know this is a knitpicky problem, but Jane's collar is just too pointy. No collar should look like that. And her head is too big. Jane just looks strange. But maybe she'll grow out of it.

Anonymous said...

And when you type up Nigel's memoirs you can read 'I was suddenly transported to the Southwest United States where I was on the case of a phantom horse' Nancy does not think this is in the slightest bit strange.

Ella said...

Ethel has no real purpose.She appears a couple of times, has a creepy animation moment, and you never see her or find out what happens to her. It is never explained where she goes when she isn't teaching Jane and telling off Nancy.

Ella said...

When and how did Nancy take the pictures of Jane and Ethel for the closing letter. Did they redo it just for her? Isn't the whole point that no one knows?

Anonymous said...

if you look at the game cover, the manor is huge, with at least 3 floors and wings on both sides. Yet the inside is so tiny that people have to sleep in the kitchen. The inside doesnt match up at all to the exterior.

You can play the game through and win without finding the letter about the hair cream, which makes things a bit confusing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jane was properly punished. She basically poisoned her stepmom using non- prescribed pills which is super dangerous! Linda was also pretty mean to Jane in the game too. The whole family dynamic seemed really messed up, even with the Nancy Drew wrap up ending.

Anonymous said...

The whole reason Nancy is there seems kind of odd. They send her to England because Linda is acting strange? Doesn't seem like a really good idea to send a teenager who doesn't know Linda at all to stay in a different country. They probably should've considered a psychologist or something.

Kevin Chittenden said...

One puzzle that is necessary to solve is the word scramble involving Lulu the parrot. Well what if Lulu eventually dies? Then no one will be able to open that door and find the treasure.

OneHundredPercentAus said...

That late-night ritual in the game is completely random and there's no explanation given for why it's done then and there (the oil part I get, but the chanting?)

MJ said...

One of my favorite games but lots of issues:

1) Jane's animation. I remember thinking that she did not look like a child when I first saw her and that she seemed borderline demonic, I think it was the huge head and all those games she forces you to play.

2) The fact that Nancy can't just go to Tesco or wherever to purchase a flashlight when Jane bosses her around to play a game.

3) Lulu is going to die someday just like that 1990 computer will too, and that card machine and any of the other puzzles that involve some sort of machinery. Really, I would like for the puzzles possible obsoleteness to be addressed. I'm actually surprised that Cromwell didn't destroy one or more of the puzzles when he was harassing Eleanor back in the day. Or for that matter that the manor wasn't taken over or something.

4) Nigel outright writing that he's digging up dirt on the family and leaving it on the computer that he makes you type up his stupid autobiography on. He didn't even try to have a password.

5) Ordering food from the Boar's Head is it the only restaurant near the manor and for that matter what does the family do about breakfast or if they get the munchies at night. Also, Tommy never changes the menu even though Nancy's been there for multiple days.

6) The fact that Linda's doctor didn't notice that her arms were extraordinary hairy.

7) The fact that no one found it strange that Linda ordered her meat extra rare and you know some one had to deliver it because the kitchen was messed up-or she had to sneak out of the manor at some point and pick up the meat from the grocery store, or Mrs. Drake had to pick up the raw meat at the store and give it to Linda.

8) Nancy not being allowed to go outside. Really, the floors would get muddy? That's your excuse Mrs. Drake? What about Nigel and Ethel seems like they can leave whenever they want. Just seems like the animators were lazy and wanted to spend more time on those stupid moving rooms.

9) That glowing rock. Why is it glowing, Nancy should at least have wondered if it was safe to pick up or not.

10) Ethel. Does she have actual qualifications other than knowing the family secret and being creepy?

11) The culprit motivations. Pointless. Also why couldn't Nancy just have left her there. I remember leaving my desk with the game running for two hours and the culprit never seemed to die despite being deprived of oxygen for over 24 hours in Nancy Drew time. If this game is ever remastered I'd love alternate endings, I'd totally leave her there like I always leave the culprit of Ghost of Thornton Hall whenever I replay that game.

12) No one has afternoon tea in this game. This is the UK, tea is a must.

13) Hugh is a pretty horrible husband leaving Linda alone, diplomat excuse or not. He's also a horrible father.

14) The whole guinea pig subplot with the balding uncle, it just doesn't make sense.

15) The structural integrity of the manor. I wondered about this with all those moving rooms and the plumbing and what not that's involved with that forge.

16) What exactly was with that ritual it just added to the creepiness that was Ethel and Jane and then at the end amounted to nothing.

17) Mrs. Drake's room. I know you can knock on it at night for an end game sequence, but it was really pointless otherwise. You don't even attempt to snoop in there.

18) The Lady in Black. I assume she was supposed to be the culprit, but she seems taller and her body was much more in proportion.

19) No bathrooms in the manor. Or at least that I can tell.

20) The culprit gets off ridiculously easy. Honestly, I wanted her to be sent to reform school at the very least or at the very least Waverly Academy. I'm sure she and the Black Cat would have some good times (and now I have a fan fiction idea).

Claire said...

1. The "hit the target with the cricket ball perfectly on your way down the slide" puzzle. I can't remember what this triggers, but it takes forever to do!

2. Finding all the ghost symbols in the time limit.

Anonymous said...

why didnt linda go to the doctor. she hid herself from nancy, but how could she do it from her husband? Most people if they get extra hair growth would go to the doctor or ask for help, at least from her family or a good friend in the USA. Very few people would be I guess I am a werewolf

Why would the hair growth cream make her want to eat raw meat?

Why does hugh have custody of jane, if she liked her mom so much, why don’t they do joint custody?

Bridgitte Waldrop said...

Jane complains that she couldn't go solve the puzzles because she has lessons, but after her lessons are over she just lays on her bed and does not attempt to puzzle solve.

There's a random hole in the foyer that we later learn is where you pour the oil to start the furnace, but nobody ever questions why it's there or covers it up.

Jane's lessons start at 6 am

Apparently you can skip the lady in the black cloak scene in the game because I never got it:(

The sliding puzzle over Jane's door!! The only one I needed the walkthrough for.

Apparently butter lubricates rusty key holes.

How did the culprit get into the foyer if they don't have the map or anything?

Anonymous said...

It is entirely possible to never hear the Ballad of Brigitte song no matter how many times you pass Jane's door. How are you ever supposed to figure out how to open the box then?

Anonymous said...

The Lady in Black stole one of the Waverly Academy chanter's cloaks.

Anonymous said...

All of the passageways, the moving rooms, and the forge room are completely dust free even though the manor is CENTURIES OLD.

Nancy walks out of her room, sees a cloaked figure walking away laughing, and says "who was that?" completely unfrightened.

The east hall is a room not a hall.

Where is the rest of the mansion?

Jane's head is really big compared to her body.

How can Mrs. Drake make Nancy not go outside? She's almost and adult is old enough to know not to track mud in the house.

The newspaper picture of Linda looks nothing like the pictures of Linda hanging in her room.

How come some of the furniture in Linda's room is covered in sheets?

Where is the source of light coming from in the area with the slide? And in the forge room? Do those lights stay on forever?

In the death scene where Nancy falls into the giant plant, if Mrs. Drake is standing there when it happens, She makes ABSOLUTELY no effort to help, at all.

By the way how does Nancy even manage to fall into that plant when she's standing on her feet?

There is no reason to feed the Venus fly trap turkey when Nancy can just go around and move it from the back so t can't bite her. She only needs to move the plant an inch up to get the paper.

How can the frog and crocodile game on the fountain work like a computer game when it is just a fountain? What would Mrs. drake say if she came around the corner and saw Nancy randomly spraying her fountain with the hose?

How does pressing the fingers on an invention over 100 years old move a giant stone statue all the way across the library?

Anonymous said...

When Nancy goes to find the coat of arms and has to type Nigel's memoirs there is another solution, it's called Google?

Ugh, Ethel's smile as Jane is pouring oil down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Nigel says dead languages "aren't really his bag" but he says "Vale" for goodbye which is Latin.

Anonymous said...

Jane does not have "a lot" of games. She has all of 4 games (one of which doesn't even allow for 2 players) and a lousy 20 piece jigsaw puzzle (which, I mean, is she 5 years old or what). Honestly only like 2 of the games are even any fun ...