Saturday, March 18, 2017

DBZ Fanfic

I just wasted a whole bus ride, trying to write a DragonBall Z fanfic. If you've seen my DBZ fanfics, you'll know I'm particularly fond of Season Seven of the show. That's the season with comedy and high school romance, the one where Gohan goes to high school and starts a double life as a superhero.

Sadly, the show quickly goes back to being a serious action show, and Gohan's brief moment of being the official main character disappears.

Gohan has a secret identity, like most superheroes. I've seen dozens of fanfics where his female love interest tries to expose his true identity. My fanfic idea was the reverse. What if SHE was a superhero with a secret identity, and he's trying to expose her? She occasionally fights crime as herself on the show. What if she did it as a disguised superhero? They could have superhero fights, trying to expose each other's identities, and stuff.

I didn't get very far, in writing the fanfic. All I did was have the idea of reversing the standard story, because I'm tired of seeing the standard story. I'm also tired of seeing the standard reverse of that story, which is "exact same thing happens, except Gohan is dark and serious instead of a comedy goofball".

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