Monday, March 20, 2017


I was wondering about cliffhangers the other day. It's pretty standard for Nancy Drew to run into several cliffhangers per book. She always seems to get herself into danger and get right out of it, that Nancy Drew.

Sometimes, I feel kind of sarcastic with cliffhangers. Like, I feel they're a total waste of time, a cheap gimmick to keep readers' interest. I know that Nancy isn't ever going to be seriously injured or die. Quit pretending otherwise, books.

I think it annoys me more when the cliffhanger is quickly introduced and immediately dropped. Like, Nancy is walking around, and there's a GUNSHOT! Oh no! Cliffhanger! Next chapter, the first paragraph says the gunshot was just a car. Nancy continues on, like nothing happened. There's no real need to interrupt the story with a fake scare like that.

I dunno, I was just wondering why I dislike some cliffhangers, and other cliffhangers I'm okay with.

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