Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

Walkthrough progress is slow, because I'm playing "Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile". I talked about it last week, and I'm sad to say I've only progressed about 1/6 of the game since then.

The problem is that the hidden objects challenges in the game are incredibly slow. Each one is supposed to take a half-hour. You're challenged to find about forty items, over five different screens. The game keeps a helpful tally for you, on each screen. For example, it will say "31 items left to find" when you've got 31 items left.

The problem is the game is a BIG FAT JERK, and so "one item" doesn't mean "one item". Pretty much every room has multi-object puzzles, like "you have to find five brushes". All five brushes, together, count as one item on the tally list. But all five brushes are counted separately, for hint purposes. So really, the tally is useless and doesn't indicate the true number of items left.

The only way I can get through the game is by cheating. I take a screenshot of the challenge, then I go into the game files, which have pictures of all the possible hidden objects I might find. This works some of the time. Half of the file names are in Russian, so I have to guess what the items are.

So each level starts with me taking pictures of the hidden objects challenges, then I close the game and go through each challenge one by one, until I've found all the objects. This takes a long time. I return to the game with my solution, only to find out that my solution is wrong because of something ridiculous, like the game thinks the "picture" is actually a "photograph", so it doesn't count.

The sections in between the hidden objects challenge are okay, but I'm really getting bogged down by the hidden objects. There are twelve challenges that you have to get through. I'm on #7 right now.

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