Monday, February 6, 2017

War Videogames

For the past six months or so, I've been majorly into playing war games on my phone, like Mobile Strike and Game of War: Fire Age. The games are pretty much "FarmVille in a war setting", but I like them anyway!

The only downside is the social aspect. Yeah, I know, the whole point of the game is so you can build up a fancy army and fight with your friends. But in reality, what happens is that a bunch of jerks who are level 20 go around, destroying all the level 5 players, just because they can. Ugh. Plus, there are other jerks who will foul the public chat with vulgarities.

I quit playing the two games I mentioned above, because I got to the point where people attacked me constantly, and I had to spend all my effort and resources rebuilding, rather than progressing in the game.

If I made a game like that, I'd keep it mostly the same, but change the battles to RPG-style battles, so players could have the option of NOT getting dragged down and destroyed by them.

Currently, I'm playing "Vikings: War of Clans", which has been working out pretty well for me. That game has a slightly different setup than the other two, and I like it, because you get more tangible rewards for leveling up your character. In the other games, leveling up doesn't do anything, not really. In "Vikings", you get level up points, which you can use towards stuff like "increase food production by 1%".

Katie says I've played the game long enough, and I guess she's right! It's one of those games that'll go on forever, so I've decided that I'm going to stop when I reach level 45. After that, I'll just convert my town into an inactive account. That is, I'll get rid of my army and stuff, so the town is 100% maxed-out resource production. So people can feel free to attack my town over and over again, for free resources. I figure it'd help out someone!

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Anonymous said...

If you what a war strategy game play world conquer 3, glory of generals, or glory of generals pacific. They all are based around WW2 and Cold War events and really good games.