Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Update on Rosie

Rosie is going through a growth spurt, or at least, it feels like it. She's definitely gotten taller, to the point where I can no longer carry her with a one-arm football hold. I like that she's growing, although sometimes, she'll kick the seat if I'm holding her while sitting on the couch, then she'll hurt herself.

She's still kicking. The other day, she was cuddling up next to Katie and kicked me away when I got too close to them. It was just like when she was in the womb. She grunted while she kicked me, so I know it was deliberate and not just a random startle reflex.

I don't know if this is normal or not, but she doesn't always have her eyes fully closed when she goes to sleep. It can be freaky to see her go through REM sleep with her eyes partially open. It's especially freaky to see the whites of her eyes, where her pupils normally are.

Her digestive system is still working itself out. She has trouble burping and farting, and I know that sounds like a second-grader joke, but it's true. She will cry out in pain for about a minute, if she's having trouble getting a fart out. Burping is easier, because then you can burp her like normal. Just make sure you have a burp cloth in case she throws up. But there's no way to get her to fart, so if she has farting pains, you just have to wait until they're done.


Anonymous said...

My mom taught me to get a child to relieve gas you lay them on their back and push up their legs to near their tummy, bending at the knees, in a kind of pumping motion . (Kind of like doing squats but laying down on your back.)

I dont know, maybe they teach things differently now but my mom said it worked.

Anonymous said...

They do have drops that help relieve gas. It worked wonders on my nephew