Monday, February 13, 2017

Ten Kids, No Pets

"Ten Kids, No Pets" is a book that Ann Martin wrote in 1988, right around the time the Baby-Sitters Club was taking off. I got it from the library, thinking I might do a video review for it.

Well, I decided against doing a video review, but I think I'd still recommend the book. It reminds me of "Cheaper by the Dozen". It's about a family with lots of kids and a parent who has strict rules.

Each chapter is about a different kid, and a lot of the ideas were later recycled into Baby-Sitters Club books, I noticed. We have a girl who finds a hidden passageway, a boy who makes up stories because he wants to make friends, the older sister who feels dragged down by all her younger siblings, twins who speak their own made-up language, etc.

I only read the first three chapters. The thing that stands out about this book is the word choice. They were very deliberate, and there's some nice world-building. It is NOT like the "one book a month" Baby-Sitters Club, which I assume were written more quickly, with less time for revision.

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Grace Howell said...

I used to have that book! I also had the sequel, 'Eleven Kids, One Summer', which was also enjoyable. At least it was when I was a teenager or younger. Gotta read those books again...