Sunday, February 19, 2017

Star Trek Voyager Season 3

My wife and I have been watching "Star Trek Voyager", and I think it's an okay series. Definitely not my favorite, which was Deep Space Nine.

One thing that bothers me about "Voyager" is how nothing that happens on the show ever matters, because they hit the reset button at the end of every episode. Did the Doctor get amnesia? Reset button! Did the Captain get killed? Reset button! Did Chakotay have a baby with his arch-nemesis? Reset button! Did the Captain and Navigator turn into space slugs because they tried moving the ship too quickly, then they had a baby together? Reset but--wait. That actually happened? What a weird episode.

Granted, the original "Star Trek" series also hit the reset button at the end of every episode. I think it bothers me more with "Voyager", because the series has selective continuity. I'd say 20% of material does come up again in later episodes. It's just enough continuity to irk me over the fact that the majority of episodes have no continuity. And, sadly, the stuff that I'm really interested in doesn't seem to get picked up again.

I'm told that part of this problem is that the series did a soft reboot in Season Three, as a result of the negative reaction to Season Two. But I liked Season Two! So they're rebooting the stuff I liked, and it makes me kind of sad. For example, they got rid of the Janeway/Chakotay romance subplot, the main villain Seska was killed, the billiards hall holodeck is gone, Kes broke up with Neelix, Janeway no longer role plays as a British nanny holodeck character, and I haven't seen the orange aliens in a while. Actually, the last one was a good decision; I support getting rid of the orange aliens as villains. Anyway, the point is that they changed a lot.

So that's my main problem with the series right now: adjusting to the continuity reboot. The show hasn't lost my interest, and I like some of the new stuff like the Borg and Kes being more interesting. I just hope that all this new stuff won't get rebooted next season, like all of last season's new stuff.

As long as the next season has more of the Doctor, who is clearly the best, most interesting character on the show, I'll be fine!


Anonymous said...

I have tried (and failed) to watch other live streams of Nancy Drew game play, but they are not nearly as entertaining as yours.

Jan Rakoczy said...

Wait till 7 of 9 is introduced. The conflict with the Borg stays a constant theme through out. So passed episodes do matter.