Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spirit of Justice Case 2

This week, I'm posting videos for Case 2 of "Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice". I'm super-excited, because this will finish up the case.

As my New Years Resolution, I decided to NOT post multiple long walkthroughs at once. I'm defining "long walkthrough" as 20+ videos. So with this case out of the way, I've only got one long walkthrough in the works: "Paper Mario (N64)".

In other words, I won't move on to a different long walkthrough, until I've finished all of "Paper Mario". The other long walkthroughs on my list are "Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice" Cases 3 and 4, "Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger" and "Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective". I figure I'll let Twitter decide which of these four long walkthroughs will be the next one I'll go through.


Anonymous said...

Minor spoilers regarding Ace Attorney [length]:

#Case 4 is a short one, probably even shorter than #1
#Case 5 is actually two cases with another short one and an epicly long one
#Case 3 is indeed quite long for a "middle" case

I hope you'll continue the series, once the game gets to the actual story it really gets going; and watching you play the series was what REALLY got me into the franchise as a whole. Seeing how I already spoiler-tagged, a small teaser: Case #3 is about something you screamed about wanting from it during Case 1.

Miles of Smiles said...

I can't wait for you to play Case #5. It's my favorite in the series!

Anonymous said...

For a second there I literally thought this said 'spirit of justice cake 2'.

Darn it, now I want cake.