Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rosie's Doctor Appointment

I took Rosie to the doctor yesterday for her two month check-up. She's growing well, around 50th percentile overall if you balance things out.

The doctor taught us a new trick. That is, Rosie's strength almost doubles right after feeding. I fed her with the bottle, and the doctor had her do tummy time. Rosie lifted her head up three inches off the ground, not just one inch. She held her head and body up in the normal crawling position for an extended period of time. I showed it off to my family later, and they were super impressed.

The doctor was not impressed, though, to learn we've been doing tummy time for months now. The doctor said we should START tummy time now. Also, holding her up so she can on her feet is another thing I shouldn't have been doing. Oops.

Rosie sometimes attempts to reach out and grab things. Apparently, six months is when they can consistently grab things. Right now, she just aims and misses, because her muscles aren't developed enough.


Andrea said...

Don't feel too bad, Michael. All parents make little mistakes sometimes. These were pretty minor. Rosie is growing and thriving in a loving environment, which is what really matters in the end.

OneHundredPercentAus said...

There's a reason why the phrase "Babies don't come with an instruction manual" exists! It'll take some time and there are parents out there who have done *much* worse, especially in the eyes of your paed/GP/midwife** (whoever you took Rosie to see). I'm talking about parents who refuse the Vitamin K shot at birth, who will refuse the heel prick^ test, who will refuse to get their kid immunised on time because they believe some BS myth about toxins, autism, chronic diseases or similar. You have done nothing nearly as bad as that.

**=In Australia, it's more common for parents to take their kid to their GP for pretty much everything and paediatricians are more commonly seen in the context of a hospital for whatever reason.

^=Not sure if this is done in the US, but they take 4 spots of blood from the babies heel, which wind up on a special card. That card gets sent away for testing and they can pick up on a bunch of genetic and chronic diseases this way.

Andrea P said...


As a postpartum nurse who sees WAY too many people refuse basic healthcare for their newborns, I wish I could like your post a million times. :)

Also, yes, in the US we do take blood samples as a routine part of newborn screening. In my facility, we recently added a few new tests to the routine, so we take 7 spots of blood.

OneHundredPercentAus said...

@Andrea P, thanks. A lot of acquaintances and a few family members have had kids recently and I used to work with primary-school aged children, so I've seen a fair bit of really bad parenting. I do have the utmost respect for nurses (most of the time - there are some bad apples) and know full well that I could definitely NOT do what you guys do at all.

That's cool that you guys do the heel prick checks in the US - in Australia, I know (from friends/family) that newborns typically get Vitamin K (either orally or needled), the heelprick check and also a hearing test.

I'm also very staunchly pro-vax, especially after a couple of cases in Australia where very young infants died from whooping cough (parents in both cases were pro-vax, but the infants were too young to receive their full course of jabs). The response from the anti-vax mobs over here was horrific.