Monday, February 20, 2017

Rosie at Two Months

Rosie is two months old now! Here's a video I did with her:

She seems to be developing well, although I have no frame of reference for two-year-olds. Her muscles are forming, in that she can roll over to her side sometimes. It's easier for her to smile, and just yesterday, she made a "g" sound for the first time. Her neck muscles are more developed, so her head flops around less.

I'm still waiting for the day her neck fully develops, so her head doesn't flop around at all. I"m told that happens around the same time babies start crawling. You can't crawl, if you're incapable of holding your neck up. Every day, we try to give Rosie some tummy time. That's what you call it, when you put a baby on their belly. They normally HATE it and try to get out; it's good for developing neck muscles. One time, Rosie pushed her head an inch off the ground, along with part of her torso. That only lasted a few seconds.

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