Friday, February 3, 2017

Nancy Drew Diaries Titles

Yesterday's post made me think of the Nancy Drew Diaries series. The titles for those books almost NEVER match up with the books themselves. There are no red slippers in "The Red Slippers", no roulette in "Riverboat Roulette", no sign in the smoke in "The Sign in the Smoke". I don't like that. The first Harry Potter book avoids this problem, with a title that's different, but one that still describes the book.

I wonder if the Nancy Drew titles are made, independently of the author? It definitely seems like the same person writes all the chapter titles for every book--they like puns and movie references--while the author for every book changes. Maybe the title person and the author should be in contact more often.

Or maybe we have an author who heavily revises books and changes things around, so the original title doesn't apply anymore. I dunno! I wish the ghostwriter process was more transparent, if only because I would totally apply for the job if it was.

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HyperTT said...

If ghostwriters were anymore transparent we wouldn't even see them. XD