Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baby Acne

I've noticed TV shows and movies don't talk about baby acne. Yeah, babies sometimes get acne, just like teenagers. Adults get acne, too, but I've noticed TV shows and movies don't talk about adult acne, either. They only talk about teenager acne. Like teenagers don't have enough to deal with, society pretends they're the only ones with skin problems! That's not fair.

With Rosie, her acne has been at most two small bumps, sort of near her eyes. The doctors say to not to do anything with the baby acne, just leave it alone. And it clears up and goes away on its own.

I feel like baby acne would be a great topic for a sitcom episode. Also, filing tax returns! I could see the gay couple of "Modern Family" having an argument over who's the primary spouse and who's the secondary spouse on the tax return.  That's totally the sort of thing that I could see people getting really worked up over, even if it doesn't matter all that much in the long run.

I like it when comedies do "people overreact to unimportant things" storylines. I guess I should watch "Seinfeld" more often. Although I have to say, I don't like it when the news networks run "people overreact to unimportant things" stories, like "Pope Francis is Catholic!". Then, it's more irritating than amusing.

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Anonymous said...

My sister and I both had acne as infants and then developed it again as teenagers. Now I'm in my twenties and still have it, just not as bad, so it can definitely happen at any age.