Monday, February 27, 2017

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

Did you know there are TWO different Agatha Christie videogame series? They produced games at the exact same time, too. One series has done five adventure games, while the other has done four casual, hidden objects games.

I just started "Death on the Nile", the first hidden objects game. It is pretty regular in how it's set up.

1. You do a hidden objects challenge. 90% of the items are random. 1-2 items you find are clues related to the mystery.
2. There is a puzzle. The ones I've seen so far are simple jigsaw puzzles, where you swap pieces until each piece is in the correct place.
3. There is a cutscene, or you get an opportunity to talk to a character.

It looks like these three things repeat, in that order, about 10-20 times until the game is over. Basically, you get a little bit of story in between a series of hidden objects puzzles. I've seen games like this before.

It got me thinking. Why is it that these games always have hidden objects puzzles, in between the bits of story? Any type of puzzle would work, whether it's sudoku or match-3 or whatever. The game would be basically the same, either way! There's no particular reason why the game has to be mostly hidden objects. In fact, I'd like the game a lot better if it had the option of doing a different type of puzzle, because the hidden objects are tedious, and I'm only playing for the story.

Now I kind of want to make a game in this format, only with matching puzzles. Or mah-jogg. Or whatever.

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Elentarien said...

Just for the record, that style of 'hidden object' games are the old style. The newer ones are semi-adventure games - with lots of various types of puzzles - and usually plenty of story. Even if the story is fairly shallow and have ridiculously abrupt endings. "oh, you won. You defeated the big bad guy. Thanks! roll the credits!" um. . .kay, then! But no, the newer ones are a lot more fun. They still have 'hidden object' scenes in them, but its more scattered around the story and the other puzzles. Like you need X-object, so you go tip over that wheelbarrow, then sort through the junk in it. Which - to me. . is a lOT easier to take than rooms and rooms with random objects scattered all over the place for no apparent reason. lol Plus, you have the other puzzles to break up the monotony.