Monday, January 9, 2017

Sleeping with a Baby

People say that you don't get any sleep with a baby in the house.

It's not the baby's fault. They are physically incapable of sleeping for more than 3-4 hours in a row. And that's mainly because of babies' digestive systems. They have small stomachs that can only process liquid, so food goes right through them. The baby eats a meal and poops it out in 3-4 hours, then it cries because its diaper is wet and its stomach is empty. The cycle repeats all day long.

A baby doesn't usually start sleeping all through the night, until they double their birth weight. I guess the stomach is twice as big at that point, so it can hold food twice as long.

Rosie is doing pretty well with feedings and sleeping. She lost about 30% of her weight in the first two days, but she's gained it all back now that it's been three weeks. It's good to know that she's retaining at least some of the nutrition from her meals, instead of pooping it out and spitting it up.

Katie sleeps in the same room as the baby, while I sleep in my normal bed. Katie says there's no reason for both of us to have our sleep schedule disturbed, especially now that I'm working full time. I'm still tired most of the time, and I wake up a lot anyway, but I sincerely appreciate Katie's attempt to be nice to me. She's a wonderful person, and I love her. I don't know what hours Katie and Rosie keep at night, but I can definitely confirm that they're normally both passed out cold from 6-8 AM. It makes me sad when I don't get any Rosie time before going to work.

Rosie's behavior isn't regular yet. Sometimes, she'll immediately fall asleep after eating. Sometimes, she'll go into her quiet, alert state. Other times, she'll be half-awake and half-asleep and do a lot of grunting. And sometimes, she'll alternate between eating and sleeping, where she eats for a while, then sleeps for a while, and then goes back to eating, and it annoys Katie when Rosie stretches out a feeding to two full hours, because she fell asleep ten times.

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What does Mary think about having a new baby in the house?