Monday, January 2, 2017

Over the Break

I only got one question yesterday! Elizabeth wants to know "What did everyone get for Christmas and how was your Holidays?"

My first present was a breast pump. I'm pretty sure the present was intended for Katie. The rest of my gifts were clothes. Mary got a lot of presents, because there aren't any other kids in her extended families, so her relatives are more than willing to get her multiple gifts. Rosie got mostly clothes, too.

I messed up on Katie's gift. She lost [obscure novelty item], and she was kind of disappointed, since she had it since high school. I got her a replacement, but about a week later, she found her real one in a drawer. It wasn't lost, just misplaced. So I got her a replacement for something which didn't need replacing. Oops.

My favorite part of the holidays this year is working at a place which actually celebrates the holidays. Having a full day off of work is pretty nice, especially since it feels like I don't get much time with Baby Rosie.


Camilla said...

I hope the breast pump was indeed meant for Katie haha

Does Rosie have a soft toy / cuddly toy like a teddy bear or something ? She's very cute with her "girl detective" shirt by the way !

When do you think she will start playing the Nancy Drew games ^^ ?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite part of being a new dad?