Monday, January 30, 2017

Newark Bishops

There was news with two of the Catholic Bishops for Newark, New Jersey this past weekend. First, Bishop Cruz was celebrating mass at the cathedral on Saturday, when someone got up from their pew, walked to the altar and punched him in the mouth. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault, while the Bishop was hospitalized. On Sunday, Bishop Cruz gave a statement saying he's doing better and hopes to be out soon.

No one is sure why the attack happened. The mass in question was in memory of baseball star who died in 1972, but that doesn't seem to be a reason for punching a Bishop.

The main Bishop of Newark is Joseph Tobin, who was made a Cardinal in October. As you may know, every Cardinal is given their own church in Rome. This is more of an honorary thing than a managerial thing; Cardinal Tobin doesn't live anywhere close to Rome, so it's kind of hard for him to be involved in the day-to-day running of a parish there.

His church is Saint Mary of the Graces, and Cardinal Tobin got to visit it for the first time this past weekend. He said mass there, and he gave a homily about the first reading. The people were impressed to see him wearing a ring he got as a gift from the pastor, in place of a ring that he received from Pope Francis.

Newark's third Bishop avoided making headlines this weekend.

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