Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year's Eve

Katie's family doesn't have any New Years traditions at all, so when I joined the family, I made up our own tradition. Everyone gets a soda, junk food and a movie. We have a movie marathon, while eating and drinking. That way, we can make it all the way to midnight.

Last year, Katie picked 2001: A Space Odyssey as her movie, and that was a cinematic filibuster which put both Katie and Mary to sleep. The movie is mostly music and scenery, without dialogue. I made the executive decision to turn it off, after the five minute scene of an astronaut going around the outside of a ship to check a circuit. It's five full minutes of a guy breathing! You could never get away with that in a modern film.

This year, the movies we picked were Space Jam, Brave and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Mary really wanted to sleep, but she wanted to see the end of Homeward Bound more.

At midnight, Mary was excited to see the ball drop. But she was disappointed to see that they didn't actually drop anything. All they do is lower a ball on a stick, on some random building in New York. Myself, I was disappointed when they replaced "Auld Lang Syne", the traditional New Year's song, with "New York, New York". I was all ready to make a reference to Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, too!


HyperTT said...

My family was disappointed too that the ball did not drop. :(
If I were to do some serious binge watching to make it to 12a I would watch all of your Nancy Drew Walkthroughs. I might do a Harry Potter marathon sometime though. My family lives in CA so they usually go to bed at 9p when the ball drops in NY.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, in New York, they always had "New York, New York" playing after the ball drops.