Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nancy Drew Graphic Novels

The other day, I mentioned reviewing the Nancy Drew graphic novels. Here's some backstory on them.

They decided to reboot Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys in the early 2000's. The Nancy Drew Girl Detective series started in 2004, while the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series started in 2005. Both series had a spinoff graphic novel series, with the exact same title.

In 2008, both book series got a soft reboot when they changed editors. The graphic novels also did a reboot in 2010. When the book series was cancelled in 2012, they also cancelled the graphic novel series.

You can imagine my surprise, when I learned they're releasing new Nancy Drew graphic novels, under the Nancy Drew Diaries moniker. Why did they cancel Hardy Boys graphic novels forever and keep going with Nancy Drew?

Well...turns out they didn't. The "new" graphic novels are just reprints of the old ones. All they did was change the name. They also happen to be double books. That is, new book one is old book one and old book two, put together. New book two is old book three and old book four, put together. It's a real moneysaver, if you want to buy the entire series.

Someone posted on my blog that there is a real new Nancy Drew graphic novel series coming out this year. It's a crossover with the Hardy Boys. The premise is that the Hardys are accused of killing their father, so they have to turn to deadly beauty Nancy Drew for help. It takes place in the 1930's. I might pick it up, when it comes out in book form.

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