Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kindle Unlimited

For my birthday, I got a six-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited! That's Amazon's fancy system, where you pay $10 a month and you can download whatever eBooks you want! To prevent abuse, they only let you have ten eBooks at a time.

I was super excited about this, because they've got all the out of print Nancy Drew / Baby-Sitters Club books in the Kindle store. What a moneysaver! But it turns out, none of those books are part of Kindle Unlimited. They're only available for individual purchase.

I am seriously questioning the "unlimited" moniker now.

There is a singular Boxcar Children book, which is Book #75: The Mystery of the Empty Safe. I have no idea why THAT is the one that got accepted. They've got the entire California Diaries series, which was a Baby-Sitters Club spinoff meant for older readers. And they've got a fair chunk of the Sweet Valley High series. I think I might read California Diaries / Sweet Valley High, simply because the opportunity has presented itself.

So, are there any books you readers would recommend? 'Cause now I can get a bunch of books for free!


Anonymous said...

Given that you're playing the Agatha Christie games,perhaps you could read some more of the books. I enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

yes, I would love to see your reviews of Agatha Christie books. Also Lemony Snickett

Trisha Gaurav said...

You might like The Tale of Desperaux.

HyperTT said...

Maybe Harry Potter if they are allowed. Other than that if they have the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel maybe. Those are my favorite series.
maybe The 39 Clues, they are sort of like Nancy Drew. or The Kane Chronicles or other Rick Riorden works if you like his writing.

Meg s said...

I'm not sure if this is helpful, but on openlibrary they have some of the Nancy Drew books. I have a free account, and basically you can check out a PDF one at a time. You should check that out