Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy 2017 everyone! Wow, it feels like that end-of-year blog break was nowhere near long enough. I've kind of got my life back on track! I still haven't had a full night's sleep since the baby was born.

The good news is, I've finally got my bus schedule figured out! And I finished writing all the videogame scripts that I started in November. So now my commute to and from work is just going to be me reading books and watching videos. That's a lot more relaxed than writing! Although maybe I'll write some blog entries, too.

So! Do you have any questions for me about the baby? Let me know! I'll answer them here.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Happy New Years Michael! What did everyone get for Christmas and how was your Holidays?

Camilla said...

Congratulations for your little baby ! Happy New Year to you and your family, I wish you all tons of happiness :)

Anonymous said...

People say that you get no sleep with a baby. Why? do they cry all the time? Or is it because you need to feed and change them often?

OneHundredPercentAus said...

To answer Anonymous, babies typically don't have a set schedule as of yet and yes, you do need to feed and change them more often. Remember that a baby's stomach is tiny, so while it may seem like they're little pigs from birth, they wind up feeling fuller quicker.

Also, welcome to fatherhood Michael! How's Mary handling being a big sister?