Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Danger on Deception Island Problems

I'm now accepting suggestions for Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island!


The Red Wolf said...

Hi Michael, Your "Everything Wrong with Nancy Drew Haunted Carousel" is the funniest yet! Love your reactions towards the end of the video :)

Down with Barnacle Blast!

Anonymous said...

Holt Scotto is the same character art (face) as Dexter Egan from TRT

The Red Wolf said...

The pipe puzzle on Katie's boat towards the beginning of the game always puzzled me because every time you place a piece, Nancy has to comment "This goes here". The book puzzle also on Katie's book is used later in Crystal Skull.
There's the "Citizen Kane" reference regarding "Rosebud" on the bottle messages. Lastly, the search for clams was a little long like the search for bugs in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.

Elizabeth Riepenhoff said...

It took me forever to find the correct crab! For some reason, the sketches Holt gave didn't help me.

Anonymous said...

The poker wall puzzle confused me. Maybe it's because I've never played.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elizabeth the crab sketches were sketchy!

OneHundredPercentAus said...

The pipe puzzle doesn't tell you which end to start from and the bottom section is confusing (this took me 3 tries to figure out which section you go from).

Why does Katie have a jellyfish sample in the fridge?

Why does Katie have 4-5 year old expired mayo?

The crab thing. (Will third this)

Andy and Jenna want you to use Slave labour.

Andy's hair looks different (it could just be me) between the shop and when he's in the lair.

There are more effective gags than the ol' hanky around the mouth.

Andy survives getting hit in the head with an air tank.

Why on earth would a tamed orca lose interest in humans?

That freaking cairns puzzle, that freaking cairns puzzle, that freaking cairns puzzle.

Pointless sandcastle thing is utterly pointless.

Why does the game allow you to torment yourself by eating a bad sandwich?

Concussion does not cause mixing of words like that. -_-

You can tell I hate this game :P

(Can't wait for Shadow Ranch)

Kellie Lehse said...

death by not wearing a helmet is a bit far fetch

Anonymous said...

They reused the second chance scene of something falling on Nancy and crushing her in this game. Something falls off the lighthouse just like the falling klieg light from The Final Scene and the puffer fish from The Haunted Carousel.

Also, Jenna continually gives Nancy clam chowder "on the house." Nancy can eat a lot of clam chowder yet never has to pay. This doesn't seem like the smartest way to run a business.

Anonymous said...

Why was Holt at the lighthouse the first time you try to get in?

Anonymous said...

- At the begining of the game when you have to repair the pipes of the sink it says "right-click pipe pieces to rotate" but you don't need to rotate them in order to finish the puzzle.

- The guy who wrote the article about Nancy when she goes bike-riding or kayaking without her helmet (or lifejacket) is named Esau Fagus (esophagus ?)...

I'll try to find more of these !

Anonymous said...

Kind of mean but Jenna refers to her necklace as the prettiest thing she owns, but it's kind of ugly and has random letters stuck on it.

Anonymous said...

George seems really quiet in this game, at least compared to the previous ones! (Maybe she has a cold?)

Anonymous said...

So I just replayed this game, and Jenna never offered me anything to eat in the entire game. Not sure how that happened.

When does Katie have time to give whale tours when she is working full time as a marine biologist, and why does she have this second job, marine biologists make a lot of money.

When you leave the boat's cabin, there is no one at the engine, but once you click through, Katie is there repairing the boat.

It was kind of tacky of Nancy to ask Andy for a free key chain for a tour that she got for free, she could have at least offered to pay for it.

Jenna tells Nancy that the cafe has been in her family since the beginning. But then later we learn the cafe had to close because of shanghai-ing and that it became a jewelry store and other businesses.

Hilda made nancy send her her telephone number by Morse code. She did this only to tell Nancy she sent her an email. Why did she need to call her to tell her that? How did she get Nancy's email?

What was the point of the email talking about the stained glass windows. They are never mentioned again.

There is no chair at the place where Nancy put her laptop. Why didnt she put her laptop on the table with the benches

Holt catches Nancy at the lighthouse (which is surrounded by a fence) but if you turn around, he has disappeared with no exit.

Having to redo the lock on the lighthouse every time, as well as the stove latch. Who goes there and locks the lock?

When Nancy finds the secret cavern with the crates, she doesnt bother to look inside to see what the ship was smuggling.

The sandcastle and fish pond were totally useless.

On the boat deck the henchmen say "like she's going to show up out here" The henchman are in contact with the culprit. Wouldnt the culprit have informed them that they are bringing Nancy to the ship?

At the end when Nancy is trying to escape the lair, the henchman shut the door so she can't escape. Since they outnumber her, why didnt they enter the room and capture her, instead of locking her in?

To the person who asked above: Katie has jellyfish in the fridge cause she is a marine biologist (which is rooted in reality because regular fish have disappeared from Puget sound, leaving an abundance of Jellyfish)

Anonymous said...

when you fix the pipes you find andy jason's card, which seems to be a pretty big indicator that he trashed the place.

Anonymous said...

The whole plot seems so complicated...training a whale, acting like it's NOT a trained whale, trashing Katie's boat, all to get some fur lol. Also, Hilda's part seems really odd. Like she's watching everyone all the time? Why didn't she see that Andy was the culprit in the first place?

Anonymous said...

At the end of this game the culprit comes after you like the culprit from the previous game. You even get killed the same way.

HyperTT said...

I wish we could see Hilda, she is like my only favorite character from the game. Also why hasn't Katie clean up her refrigerator ever? Why is the wheel at Whale World rigged? Jenna has rude manors. The chores cliche. The second chance scene is funny though.